The Tricycles of Kalibo

Annie Kate Solinap                                                                        November 17, 2016 Humi Naming Mahal The Tricycle of Kalibo               In Kalibo, if you wanted to go from one place to another, you’d have to hail a tricycle if you didn’t have a private vehicle of your own. Kalibo is packed with tricycles of different designs, their colors used… Continue reading The Tricycles of Kalibo


PALASPAS by Maria Dana Greta T. Arandia   In the Philippines, people celebrate  Holy Week in the most dramatic and extensive way in which there are crafts and arts that become an economic activity whenever the season comes. The palaspas or decorative palm fronds is an important art product that devotees buy from the weavers and bring… Continue reading PALASPAS

Janiuay’s Hidden Pride of Abaca Weaving

  ‘Janiuay Cemetery’ . Photo credits:   Discover Janiuay Facebook page. Founded in 1769, Janiuay became one of the richest and God- favored municipalities in the whole province of Iloilo.  A first class town situated in the heart of the then, Queen City of the South. Approximately 30 kilometers away from busiest streets of the well… Continue reading Janiuay’s Hidden Pride of Abaca Weaving

The Sunrise Delight: Miagao’s Famous Single – Double

by: Kristina Danica Balanay Even though the sun usually rises about five in the morning, Miagao is already awake and ready to face yet another typical day. This is because earlier than the sunrise, Pang’s Eatery is already bristling around, preparing food to sell, and tricycle drivers and students, who drank until dawn, are already… Continue reading The Sunrise Delight: Miagao’s Famous Single – Double

The Art of Making Folk Medicine: Is it worth preserving?

            Some people may think that they are invulnerable, do not feel pain, and not restricted by the forces of nature, but I disagree, because we are physical and biological beings that are subject to changes in our environment, and we are not exempted from the rules of nature. Even though our minds reach and… Continue reading The Art of Making Folk Medicine: Is it worth preserving?